What Is Perpetual Asphalt Pavement

What Is Perpetual Asphalt Pavement

A guide to perpetual asphalt paving

Whether you are working on a commercial paving or a residential pavement project, your goal as well as that of the paving contractor is to realize a well-built and long-lasting asphalt paving surface.

There are several factors that can contribute to this goal, weather, level of maintenance, and or, how much traffic. In general, a newly laid asphalt pavement can last for 25 to 30 years. If you are looking for a more durable and easier to maintain, then you should consider Perpetual Asphalt Pavement.

Over the last few years, perpetual pavement technology has become much more popular. When done perfectly, it can last for over 50 years, eliminating the need for major repairs except for some maintenance surface maintenance or minor repairs.

Now, this sounds interesting. In this article, we have explained the concept of perpetual asphalt pavement and the advantages of opting for this form of a construction project.

Perpetual Pavement- An Overview

Perpetual pavement, also called long-lived pavement, is a four-layer flexible asphalt pavement construction method. This type of advanced asphalt paving offers superb strength to bear the precision structural fatigue.

Such durable construction provides added value. Perpetual pavement is a lifetime permanent structure. So there is no need to remove the entire structure for replacement.

This type of asphalt pavement lasts for years without the need for expensive maintenance. Periodical repair on the surface layer is economical and helpful to keep the structure in perfect condition for long years.

What are the benefits of perpetual asphalt pavement

There are several reasons asphalt contractors recommend perpetual pavement over other forms of construction.

Extended Service Life

Perpetual pavements are tough multi-layered structures offering a service life of a minimum of 50 years. Periodical maintenance work on the outer surface provides extended durability.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Full structural reconstruction once every 10 years is a costly and troublesome task. It’s wise to choose a one-time investment in perpetual asphalt. The strong construction requires only periodical repair on the upper surface. Outer layer repair is affordable as it reduces cyclical reconstruction costs.

No Need to Use Overly-Thick Asphalt Sections

The physical design of perpetual pavements have 4 layers:

Layer 1- This layer is made of hot mix asphalt (HMA) or open grade friction course (OGFC) porous asphalt. Choosing OGFC asphalt is eco-friendly as it allows the rainwater to drain through the pores. This is also beneficial to prevent crashes during wet weather.

Layer 2- 4-7 inches of high-strength rut-resistant material to prevent cracking.

Layer 3- 3-4 inches of sturdy fatigue-resistant material to bear the tensile strain.

Layer 4- Foundation layer composed of stabilized/unstabilized aggregate, compacted/stabilized subgrade, etc.
The combination of advanced materials reduces the need for bulk asphalt layers as used in traditional pavements.

Stress and Fatigue Resistance

The weight of heavy traffic and cyclical nature are prime causes of road fatigue. Cracks can develop in the pavement foundation due to constant fatigue. Eventually, they show up on the final surface layer. Perpetual asphalt pavement is made of a mix of supreme quality materials to resist fatigue. The layered construction prevents the formation of cracks from the bottom to the upper layers.

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