Our Mission is to serve our membership, expand the use of plant mix asphalt and promote it as the pavement material of choice throughout Kentucky by advocating, communicating, and educating our customers, government agencies, and the general public on the benefits of quality asphalt pavements.

Kentucky’s colorful history has been directly related to the development of its road system. The automobile had changed virtually every facet of American life, including the transportation sector. The asphalt paving business expanded rapidly in the early 1900′s and by 1924, over 15,000 miles of asphalt surfaced roads had been built in the country. Back in 1912, Kentucky established the Department of Roads and in 1916, the Federal Highway Administration was formed.

The asphalt industry began developing in Kentucky in the early 1900′s with the development of paving businesses and equipment advancements. The Southern Asphaltoilene Roads Company was formed in 1907 in Louisville, Kentucky. Asphalt drum mixers were developed in 1910. Asphalt production in the 1920 was 130 tons per day and required at least 11 workers to feed the cold elevator, charge the burner, supply aggregates, operate the boiler and the hopper mixer. Mechanical pavers and spreaders were available in the 1930′s and nearly 1.6 million tons of plant mixed material was produced in the United States.

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