The New York Construction Materials Association (NYMaterials) is a trade association representing the business and regulatory interests of member companies. Those firms are producers of Hot Mix Asphalt (Blacktop), Ready Mixed Concrete and Construction Aggregate (sand, gravel and crushed stone). Suppliers of goods and services to the producers, such as equipment dealers and consultants, may join the organization as Associate Members.

NYMaterials was formed in 1999 through the consolidation of the Empire State Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association (ESCAPA) and the New York State Asphalt Pavement Association (NYSAPA). Both ESCAPA and NYSAPA had been in existence since the 1950′s. During the 1980′s and 1990′s there was significant mergers and acquisitions among the producers along with vertical and horizontal integration, meaning that most companies branched out from being purely concrete or asphalt producers. Now, most companies mine aggregate from the ground and use that aggregate to produce concrete and/or hot mix asphalt. Due to the industry consolidation it became less important to have two sole-source associations, so the New York Construction Materials Association was born.

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