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Asphalt Striping

Local Asphalt Striping Contractors in the USA

Asphalt Striping Contractors USA presents you with a list of local striping companies and contractors that have many years of experience in the field of line striping and marking.

Every roadway and parking lot needs marking to help keep order and provide safety. Asphalt Striping is the term used to apply markings on roads and pavements.

When we are driving down the street of our city and parking our vehicle at the local grocery store, we see these yellow and white lines. We know that they are there for the purpose of keeping the area in order, but they have a much more important purpose.

These markings are also painted for safety. Many of the areas are clearly marked for pedestrian crossing, to mark fire zone, they are there to help reduce speed and to keep us in the right lanes when we are driving.

The process of marking pavements can be simple or complicated. The simple part is that the asphalt striping contractor has specialized equipment and with the right striping paint, can mark a parking lot in less than a day.

The Complicated part is that the placement of each line is regulated by local and state laws. Each parking lot and roadway is required to have proper and legal markings and follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This will ensure that depending on the size and volume, there needs to be ample spaces reserve for handicap parking.

Every registered USA Asphalt Striping Contractor has the experience and knowledge of local, state, and ADA regulations as it pertains to the proper placement of asphalt striping in parking lots and roadways.

AAA Stripe Pro

AAA Stripe Pro

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