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The main function of Asphalt Supplier or Asphalt Plants is to provide a good and reliable hot mix to asphalt paving contractors who in turn use it to pave roads and highways, parking lots, and driveways.

Asphalt plants make asphalt by mixing aggregates, fillers, and a binder. Aggregates are natural processed minerals such as crushed stone, sand, and even some clean recycled material. The aggregates and filler are mixed and then a hot binder such as bitumen is added. Bitumen is a black, thick, and sticky viscous liquid or sometimes semi-solid form of petroleum.

To make good quality asphalt, the aggregates must be crushed and screened to useful dimensions, and the bitumen heated to a liquid. The materials are mixed in the correct ratios and then the bitumen is added to the mix and maintained hot from plant to delivery site.

There are two major types of asphalt producing plants, the batch mix plant, and the drum mix plant, they are very much similar in the way they produce asphalt.

Batch Plants are systems that produce batches of asphalt mixture at a time. Depending on the size of the order or project, the right number of aggregates, fillers, and bitumen are mixed in batches as per requirement and mixed. This process is repeated over and over until the right amount of hot mix is made. Since there are careful measurements and control of ingredients, batch plants are more flexible and provide a higher quality hot mix.

Drum Plants operate continuously storing the produced asphalt mix in silos and kept in storage and ready for asphalt hauling trucks to pick up and deliver to cities and towns and to be used as road pavement or to pave parking lots or driveways.

As mentioned previously, Batch and Drum plats are similar in operations and in the ingredients that they use and have the same goal; they are both focused on making a good quality hot mix.

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