Perpetual Asphalt Paving Construction

Asphalt Paving Equipment

Asphalt is an extremely popular and versatile paving material that lends itself to be used for many different paving applications. You probably have asphalt in your driveway, you can see it in walkways, roadways, highways, and parking lots at the local shopping areas or stadiums.

To properly repair or lay new asphalt paving, the paving company must have an experienced asphalt technician along with strong and reliable asphalt paving equipment.

Some of the most common equipment and machinery to lay asphalt are:

Milling machines

These machines are very instrumental in the asphalt industry. They are used primarily to remove top layers of distressed paving and for pavement recycling. Some of these layers can be thin to remove surface irregularities and sometimes, the entire pavement will need to be removed to start all over again. The pavement that is removed by the milling process, is picked up and hauled away to the asphalt plant where it is ground to be used as the aggregate for the new asphalt.

Milling machines are unique pieces of construction equipment. They use a large rotating drum that is equipped with carbide tools that are attached to it in a tooth-like fashion. Over time, these teeth (tools) break off and need to be replaced.


Sweepers are basically used after a road or parking lot has been milled. As the name suggests, they are used to sweep the area of debris, sand, or asphalt residue. It is crucial that the area to be paved is clean and ready for the new pavement to obtain a uniform pavement job. Using a sweeper is also instrumental in keeping the job site clean and safe.

Dump Trucks

This type of construction equipment is very versatile; it can be used for transporting aggregates and other materials needed to produce hot asphalt and other types of paving materials.

There are several types of dump trucks:

  • Standard Dump Truck – These are seen working on the side of the highway or local paving jobs. It is made up of a standard truck chassis with a dump body mounted on it. The body is lifted by a hydraulic arm to dump the loads.
  • Semi-Trailer End Dump Truck – These are used to carry larger loads and the hydraulic arm is mounted on the trailer.
  • Transfer Dump Truck – This is a standard dump truck towing a separate dump trailer.

Asphalt Pavers

Asphalt pavers are basically self-propelled machines that have a floating screed. The hot mix asphalt is loaded in the front of these asphalt pavers. it is then carried to the rear end using flight feeders. The asphalt will then be spread out using augers. The asphalt will then be leveled and compacted by using the screed.

All these functions are divided into two different systems:

  • Tractor: The tractor contains your material feed system that will accept the hot asphalt mixture. It will accept the asphalt mix from the front and move it to the rear end. It will also spread it out in the desired thickness.
  • Screed: The screed is the most important part of the paver. It is the self-leveling screed unit that will determine how exactly your asphalt is going to be played. It will also give the correct thickness to your asphalt roads.

Compactors or rollers

There are three different types of rollers available for compacting asphalt. The paver screed, the pneumatic tire roller, and the steel-wheeled roller.

Each of this equipment has different functions. Using a compactor, you can apply weight on the asphalt surface and compress the material underneath to get a smooth surface. These compactors can also be used to create a stair shear stress between the ground contact area and the compressed material.

There are other types of equipment small and large that can and are being used to produce and lay asphalt. The equipment mentioned above is some of the most important equipment which is required during asphalt paving.

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