Asphalt Milling

Asphalt roads and blacktop parking lots and driveways perform a very important role in our daily lives. We use them for traveling ways to get us to important destinations.

A well-built asphalt road provides us a smooth and comfortable ride and helps us keep our vehicles and tires in good shape. It also very nice when we arrive at our destination, to have a smooth and comfortable place to park.

Asphalt is one of the most used paving materials in the world. The United States produces 350 million tons of asphalt per year to be used on about 2 million miles of roads and for paving over 90 percent of the parking lots in the USA.

Asphalt is also popular because it is 100% recyclable, making it more cost-efficient. Asphalt is also a safe paving material to use for roads and parking lots. Being a smooth surface helps to drain rainwater and therefore, reducing water spray improving driver visibility in very wet conditions.

With all those advantages of asphalt, we have to conform ourselves that asphalt is not indestructible. There are many factors that can cause asphalt to lose its serviceability. Materials used, the method used, weather, and traffic.

When that beautiful asphalt paved surface starts to look distressed and lose its curve appeal, the property owner will need to make a decision on rejuvenating, or replacing it. Either way, the asphalt pavement will have to be removed or milled.

Asphalt Milling is a process of grinding an asphalt road, parking lot, or driveway from a couple of inches to complete removal down to the base. When the plan is to resurface the paved area, a couple of inches of the top is removed and a new layer of recycled asphalt is applied to provide a nice smooth surface.

Asphalt Milling Contractors

Asphalt milling is considered a very affordable option for restoring a tired and damaged paved area. Asphalt milling is also considered environmentally friendly. The material removed during the grinding process is collected and hauled to an asphalt recycling plant where it is used as aggregate for new asphalt material.

Another great advantage of the collected milling is that the millings can be used as quick fill for private roadways and driveways. The millings need to be screened to a useful size, then spread on the surfaced, graded, and compacted. This method is not as effective as hot asphalt mix, but it is a very affordable and quick method for dressing up a driveway.

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