The wait for in-person meetings is over. Moving ahead of the pandemic woes, The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) gained enormous response during the mid-year meeting this year.

The organization is all set to hold its annual meeting on January 23-26, 2022, at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

About National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA)

NAPA is an eminent institution for asphalt paving companies, contractors, engineers, etc. The organization thrives hard to support the development of the asphalt industry. NAPA holds several programs throughout the year offering education, advice, and engaging professionals.

Their mission is to advocate the various causes related to asphalt technology. The members work towards the advancement of research, innovations, sustainability, opportunities.

The association also provides powerful online tools and training courses. These programs are designed to assist and educate asphalt professionals about innovations, industry trends, and much more.

NAPA aims to help the paving companies to adopt safety measures while working in unsafe work zones, improve operations, and reduce expenses.

Why Participate at the NAPA Annual Meeting?

One of the leading asphalt associations in the US, NAPA holds the annual meeting for asphalt contractors, companies, and engineers every year.

  • Educational workshops to gain practical experience
  • Unique opportunity to increase pavement technology knowledgebase
  • Innovative ideas to incorporate sustainability into various projects
  • Various climate incentives and initiatives
  • Asphalt industry awards

Program Schedule for NAPA Annual Meeting 2022

NAPA annual meeting will start on January 23, from 7:00 am onwards. Interested participants can view the schedule details at NAPA’s official website.

Like the previous year’s programs, there will be general sessions for all participants. The featured speakers will put forth valuable information during these sessions. Noteworthy in this context is Dr. Nido R. Qubein’s presentation on Monday.

Every year, NAPA holds a recognition program to honor and motivate the achievers in the asphalt industry. Those felicitated at the awards program also receive enormous recognition through various platforms including, local news media, industry publications, members networks, etc.

There will be a ceremonial awards event on January 26 from 8:15 am. Asphalt companies demonstrating excellence and best industry practices will be honored with the Operational Excellence Awards.

Saturday, January 22 (7.00 am-1.00 am) Golf Tournament
Do you love to play golf?
It’s refreshing to spend a few hours at the golf course before joining the meetings. The participants at the annual meeting can register (optional) for Impact Leadership Group Golf Tournament. Nestled in the exotic Sonoran Desert of Arizona, the Phoenician Golf Club resort boasts a series of renovated course features.

Do you want to sharpen asphalt technology skills? Participate in the NAPA’s webinar program. Attend the webinars and take the asphalt-related quiz to get individual professional development hours (PDHs).

Looking to connect with the leading asphalt companies? Join the NAPA annual meeting and get the chance to meet the industry veterans, gain potential insights from featured speakers, participate in the asphalt technology workshops, and so much more.