Massachusetts is one of the states that enjoy one of the best economies. It boasts a large number of universities and colleges. Its strong economy is greatly attributed to its strong high-tech industry and educated population. Massachusetts counts with an estimated population of 6,984,723 and a median income of $77,385.

The Massachusetts state bird is the Black-capped chickadee and its flower is the Mayflower

In Massachusetts there are 50 cities and 301 towns grouped into 14 counties, Boston being its capital. There is a total area of 10,562 square miles and 36,800 miles of highways and roads.

These roads and highways are managed and maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Just like all roads in the United States, they are paved with a mix of asphalt and aggregates, making them durable, smooth, and skid-resistant.

The Massachusetts Aggregate and Asphalt Pavement Association is an instrumental association in Massachusetts. Its purpose is: “to promote the development, improvement, and advancement of quality asphalt pavements”.

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