Are you looking for a professional blacktop or asphalt contractor in your local area?

Whether you are building a new home or commercial building or in need to repair or replace that old and damaged driveway or walkway, chances are you will need to find and hire a professional local asphalt paving company for your residential or commercial paving project.

A new blacktop driveway or parking lot is a long-term investment.  Adding many years of trouble-free, low maintenance, and trouble-free driveway, walkway, parking lot, or entertainment area.

With this in mind, it is very important to invest some time in researching or becoming educated in a few aspects of asphalt construction.  It is also equally important to do the same when looking to hire a reputable blacktop contractor.

To find the contractor of choice, first, you must start searching. Asking friends and family if they know an asphalt contractor that does asphalt resurfacing. If that does not work, try doing a search online using the term asphalt companies near me, you will probably get a list of asphalt paving companies that are close to you.

Following are a few tips on finding and hiring a reliable and able asphalt paving company that will provide you with a well-constructed or repaired asphalt paving and a great experience.

Obtain Several Quotes:

Just like any home improvement project, getting several asphalt paving quotes is a must; even when you have a favorite contractor, or someone recommended by family or friend.  Having several quotes would help you in making relevant comparisons with respect to the overall paving system to be used, materials, price, and warranty.

As a courtesy, you should let each of the contractors know that you are obtaining multiple quotes from different contractors. This will alert them to put their best presentation and information for your decision-making process.

While you are making the comparisons, check for the details for which paving process they will be using, materials, warranties, references or testimonials, and of course price. Keeping in mind that choosing the lowest price is not necessarily the best deal.

Ask about other services that they provide, most blacktop and asphalt paving companies offer other services such as asphalt resurfacing, parking lot maintenance, parking lot sealcoating, asphalt milling, and parking lot striping.

It is also a very good idea to ask if they use recycled asphalt. Asphalt is 100% recyclable making it ideal for less pollution and environmentally friendly, it is just as durable as virgin asphalt and less expensive. Your recycled asphalt driveway will last longer and will bring your home awesome curve appeal.

Contractor Reputation:

When it comes to choosing the right asphalt contractor, the contractor’s reputation should play a crucial role in your decision process.

Take some extra time checking each contractor’s reputation by checking out their website for any feedback or testimonials written by previous customers.

Check the various online rating websites and directories for their overall rating.  Keep in mind that there are clients (people) that can be very difficult and impossible to please.

So, if you have a favorite contractor and you see many good ratings with a few not so favorable, you may want to still consider them.  Having a few not-so-good testimonials makes them human, it is the way they handle the complaints that matter.

Various factors can be considered while deciding the reputation of a paving company or contractor.

These could be:

  1. How long have they been in the paving business?
  2. Their rate of successful job completion.
  3. Their methods of handling various disputes

Consider the Overall Experience:

While deciding upon the efficiency of an asphalt driveway contractor, the level of experience in the paving industry should be a vital consideration.

If you are considering a paving company, then you can start by analyzing the experience of the workforce including staff and the estimators.

The installation crew needs to have ample experience and know-how in asphalt paving. This would require that at least one very knowledgeable and well-trained staff or crew leader is always present during the paving process.

Scheduling the Paving Job:

The larger and more experienced paving companies would usually be able to schedule your project quickly.  However, you must consider the weather and various other factors for the installation process.

Finding, choosing, and hiring the right paving contractor can be a daunting task.  But it is essential to hire a professional asphalt parking lot contractor who can take up the job seriously and can offer you the best results.

So the next time you are searching for the right company, use the famous phrase: Asphalt Companies Near Me to get a list of asphalt contractors that specialize in using blacktop and asphalt resurfacing and parking lot maintenance.