Heavy traffic, weather, water clogging, oxidation…these are some of the eminent factors that damage the surface of an asphalt driveway or parking lot.

As time passes and depending on the severity of these factors, you will start to see signs of asphalt deterioration, fading, small cracks, or even potholes.

To keep your driveway or parking lot in pristine conditions, you must be proactive in the upkeep of it.
Establishing a comprehensive asphalt maintenance program will help keep your asphalt in looking great and in good working condition and at the same time help save money by not having to pay for expensive repairs in the future.
When an asphalt pavement is disregarded, it can start to deteriorate making the pavement uninviting and, in some cases, dangerous.

If your driveway or parking lot is showing early signs of wear, and visible crack, it would be best to consider filling those cracks with asphalt sealer and applying asphalt sealcoating. This will prevent water from penetrating the surface and deteriorating the base of the pavement.

At Asphalt Paving Contractors Directory, you will find several local asphalt sealcoating and crack filling companies near you.

They all agree that sealcoating is of great benefit to your paved areas. Following is an overview of the crack filling and sealcoating technology and its benefits.


Sealcoating is a technique of adding an extra layer of protection to asphalt pavement. Property owners and or managers should consider a sealcoating service on any residential or commercial driveway at least one year after the construction of the new pavement.

This technology involves spreading a protective layer of powerful formulation made of acrylic, bituminous substances, propriety fillers, polymer additives, emulsion, and silica.

Asphalt driveway sealcoating contractors recommend sealcoating pavements once in 2-3 years to extend the life span of the pavement.

Benefits of Sealcoating for Asphalt Pavements

Protects and Fortifies Paving Surface

Sealcoating forms a strong bond with the asphalt surface layer. When done professionally, it protects the pavement against:

  • Oxidation and surface cracking due to exposure to UV rays
  • Surface layer deterioration due to vehicle fluids- gasoline, oils, and other chemicals
  • Rainwater, ice, and frost
  • Chemical spills

Cost-Effective Asphalt Maintenance

The cost of sealcoating is minimal compared to expensive resurfacing or replacing a driveway or parking lot, since materials and amount of labor needed are minimum, sealcoating is a very affordable option for any driveway or parking lot.

Fast and Easy Maintenance Option

Any experienced and professional asphalt contractor can tackle a sealcoating project and complete it within a few hours.

Extended Paving Lifespan

When done every 2 to 3 years, sealcoating keeps protecting your pavement. It acts as a barrier against damages to asphalt paving layers beneath. It prevents deterioration of the surface layer keeping the paving structure safe and intact for years.

Triggers Snow Melting on Paving Surface

Persistent snow and moisture penetration weaken the asphalt bonding in the substrate layer. Sealcoating causes the snow and ice to melt quickly to protect the pavement water damages.

Moreover, sealcoating is non-porous and strong enough to act as a protective sheet to prevent the water from reaching the deep layers.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance

Sealcoating restores the black glossy sheen to a faded driveway or parking lot surface. It gives a new refreshing look to any old and worn pavement.

Safe Slip-resistant Surface

Sealcoating adds a non-slip surface layer to the asphalt structures. So this kind of application is safe for pedestrian walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

If you need sprucing up your asphalt driveway or parking lot, seek the help of a local asphalt paving company near you. They have the know-how and the right equipment and materials to complete your sealcoating project on time and at a fair price.