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Whether you are building a new home or a commercial building, chances are you will be in need of a local asphalt paving company for the installation of a new parking lot, driveway, walkway, entertainment area or just to repair or resurface that old and tired existing asphalt.

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Asphalt is a preferred paving product among other materials as it has many advantages. Most of us do not concern ourselves with the conditions or composition of the roads we travel on nor the parking lots we park or vehicles on. The strength and stability of these roadways and driveways are due to the material used to build them along with the dedicated and experienced local paving companies in the USA.

The Asphalt Paving Contractors Directory is a directory dedicated solely to connecting property owners with professional blacktop paving contractors, parking lot resurfacing contractors, parking line striping, asphalt sealcoating, and local asphalt contractors.

If you are a property owner and currently looking for the best local asphalt and paving company in your area, take a moment to do a search by using our search tool or click on a US state from the list below to see a list of registered local asphalt paving companies.

Advantages of Using Asphalt

  • Looks much better than other materials
  • Very durable
  • Can be installed pretty quickly anywhere
  • The setup of the pavement or pathway with asphalt is very easy
  • Retouch is not required for a long time
  • Easy maintenance

Whether it is a long road, a walkway, a driveway, or a parking lot,  you would need a list of asphalt and paving companies to help you through the process. It is always advisable to do your research before hiring a local paving company.

Asphalt Paving Contractors Directory is here to help. We list local blacktop paving contractors, asphalt resurfacing, parking lot line striping, asphalt sealcoating, and maintenance companies.

You can be assured that you will find the most qualified local paving companies with many years of experience. The local asphalt contractors listed in our directory are preferred over other contractors as they strive to provide excellent service at the most competitive prices.

If you are looking for a list of the best local asphalt paving companies in your area, you will find them here. Our site visitors love how easy it is to find the right company and we love each one of our contractors who use only the best practices to provide the best asphalt paving service in the USA.

So, if you are looking for the best paving company and used a search term such as asphalt paving company near me, you’ve landed at the right spot! Get a detailed listing of all the asphalt paving near you by browsing through our site.

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List of latest paving companies

Matchless Concrete Construction LLC

Matchless Concrete Construction LLC

If you are looking for Greer stamped concrete - you are at the right place. Matchless Concrete Construction LLC is a concrete construction contractor serving the mid-upstate of South Carolina, norther...

Greer, SC
Asphalt Paving Lancaster

Asphalt Paving Lancaster

Not everyone can properly do asphalt paving, that's why it's recommended that you hire professionals. Asphalt Paving Lancaster PA has no track record of dissatisfied customers. We are committed to sat...

Lancaster, PA


SafetyStepTD has been manufacturing detectable warning systems for over 15 years. Our systems can accommodate unique job site conditions and provides a pleasing architectural finish on asphalt and con...

Redlands, California
AAA Stripe Pro

AAA Stripe Pro

Parking Lot Striping Knoxville Tennessee 865-680-9225 Sevierville Oak Ridge Maryville TN Lenoir City

Powell, TN
Dumpster Rental Brooklyn Pros

Dumpster Rental Brooklyn Pros

Business provides quality dumpsters for rent mainly in Brooklyn NY for 20 years. Our dumpster is fit for your residential, commercial, and construction needs. We also offer permanent dumpster and junk...

Brooklyn, New York
UNIQUE Paving Materials

UNIQUE Paving Materials

When it comes to asphalt, concrete, and blacktop repair companies, UNIQUE Paving Materials is the premier choice for all of your road repair needs. Different regions in North America experience differ...

Cleveland, Ohio

D.E.H. Asphalt Paving And Excavation

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text]D.E.H. Asphalt Paving & Excavation has been paving and excavating since 1984. Our services include: -driveway and sidewalk paving -co...

Patterson, NY, NY
Finley Asphalt & Concrete

Finley Asphalt & Concrete

Address: 12196 Washington Hwy, Ashland, VA, 23005 Phone: 804-752-2950 Finley Asphalt and Concrete are Asphalt Paving and Concrete Contractors with locations in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Virginia Be...

Ashland, VA
Noble Garden Design

Noble Garden Design

With 30 years of landscape design and installation experience, I have done so many landscape projects that I’m sure my DNA has changed. In order to make each of them unique, I draw from my internal da...

Weymouth, MA


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Local Asphalt Paving Striping Guide

They are everywhere – asphalt striping. As simple as they are, markings on driveways, pavements, and parking lots, striping plays a crucial role in keeping drivers safe and make their lives easy when finding suitable parking.

But over time, traffic wear and the elements cause the markings to either fade or completely disappear from pavements and parking lots. This is why maintenance should be part of any business establishment’s routine, especially the striping in a parking lot or roadway.

What is asphalt striping?

It is essentially the process of applying or re-applying marks and signs on roadways, pavements, and parking lots using paint or molten thermoplastic.

In the United States, asphalt striping is a requirement for all business establishments with pavements and parking lots. It is also required for all roadways in all states in the country.

Why do you need asphalt striping?

Proper parking lot or driveway markings are necessary. Not only because the law requires it but also because it helps promote safety, it offers proper organization and division within an outdoor space and it adds a better aesthetic to an otherwise boring pavement, driveway, or parking lot.

For instance, parking lot striping will allow you to maximize your parking space to accommodate different types of vehicles. Experienced striping companies are knowledgeable in this area, they follow local and state guidelines to properly measure and layout space to ensure that your markings are not too narrow. This way, people with disabilities can have access to parking areas and other customers will not have difficulty in parking.

Parking lot striping also helps to reduce accidents and protects property owners from liability. This is because any injury that resulted due to improperly marked or faded markings can or will result in penalties or lawsuits.

What surfaces are usually stripped?

Pavements, driveways, and parking lots are three of the most common surfaces that require proper pavement stripping. This is because they have the most car and foot traffic, and are the riskiest areas for accidents if they are not properly marked.

What are the legal requirements for asphalt striping in the USA?

Each state has its own legal requirements for asphalt striping and a professional striping contractor already knows this. These legal requirements include the types of lines or stripes to be used for markings.

For instance, parking lot striping requires lines that should be 4” wide by 15-18” long. You also need to use either an oil-based or latex paint for striping that should be applied for two coats.

Asphalt striping companies also need to follow the exact measurements for parallel and angle parking. Using specific measurements for aisles to make sure that everyone can park safely and avoid accidents within the parking lot.

What are the best materials for asphalt striping?

Whether you choose to use paint or molten thermoplastic for your pavement, it’s very important to choose the best materials so you can ensure the longevity of your markings. If you’re going for paint, you have to choose one that would last considering the weather conditions in your area.

For instance, acetone-based paint is recommended for asphalt striping in the mid-Atlantic region, because it works best in lower temperatures.

Some asphalt striping companies also use molten thermoplastic because it lasts longer and can adapt to almost any kind of weather conditions.

How can you choose the right local striping contractor?

When it comes to choosing the best local striping contractor, you need to select one who is very knowledgeable in local asphalt pavement striping rules and regulations. One that offers fair competitive pricing, and has access to the best quality materials and equipment for the job.

You should also look for an asphalt striping company that has many years in the trade and can provide local references.

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